Friday, October 21, 2022

argh! cannot get to my editing software because mac OS shenanigans!

For some Unknown As Yet Reasons, my mac M1 running 12.6, has suddenly stopped connecting to le internets.

Mind you, it has not stopped connecting to the wireless router - it still sees our wireless network just fine (upon which ALL OTHER HOUSEHOLD COMPUTERS rely without trouble) - it just cannot connect to the greater world via that router.

Baffling to say the least.

Now, I am computer proficient and can do many things. I have done all the things that are the First Things one would do to solve this problem, to no avail.  To my great fortune, I have live-in tech support of Highest Expertise who can tackle ridiculous intricate problems like this and he is about to do just that, bless him!

This has cost me a week's worth of audio art.  Why?  Because I am purchasing my audio editing program (Studio One 5) on an installment plan - and if it can't check in with the provider via internet RE the status of my license, it won't launch.

All of my audio, all of episode 7 of Dream the Rogue Planet, is SITTING THERE on my machine, and i cannot get to it to edit it.  

This is driving me kinda nuts.  It has perhaps caused me to make more Show Your Work videos than I might otherwise have made (though since I tend to do those upon waking as a way of getting my energy up to get out into the cold livingroom and edit audio, I'd probably do them anyway); but my frustration levels have remained high.

Over the past 18 months or so, I have gotten more and more streamlined in editing Rogue Planet episodes, to the point that it's conceivable that less complex episodes can be completed in just a couple of weeks.  

she says, with a despairing laugh, as Res raises the bar ever higher because the reward for a job exceptionally done 😎 is AN EVEN HIGHER BAR FOR THE NEXT JOB  😭

And the loss of this week's worth of editing has poked my 'I'm not good at what I do,' button, despite not being my fault in any way shape or form.  *shakes fist*  Darn you extremely-helpful-really-appreciate-how-good-you-are technology!!

The spouse is on the job as I type though and, lord willin' and the river don't rise, the second serious assembly of episode 7 will take place this weekend.

...and if we can get my machine on the internet via hard-line for even a few minutes I'm buying that damn program outright so that even if I go offline because this problem persists (it's intermittent for some people and we don't know why, c'mon Apple, give us a garsh darn't patch gdi!), I'll be able to edit like the wind! 

And thus has gone Ivy's week of audio artistry this blustery beautiful fall in Montana :) 


ETA:  The spouse DID IT!!  and, for a sysadmin, it was about the 3rd 'obvious' thing he tried and he was like - oh, anyone would have gotten there pretty fast.  And I was like, UM, THE ZILLION POSTS ON THE INTERNET BEGGING FOR HELP, BEG TO DIFFER.

He ran OnyX -- a common cruft-cleaner-upper program for MacOS -- rebooted - boom.  internet restored.

Hope this is helpful to someone, if they stumble upon it :D

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

massive website tidying and video thereof!

In the spirit of Show Your Work (my theme of the quarter, it seems!), I have done a long overdue reorg. of my website, connecting my photography site, migrating my blog over here to Blogger (omg, even though my enter website is built on Wordpress (the worst CMS ever, but the only one provided for free by my hosting company), Wordpresses original function - A BLOG - is now dreadful and a pain to use *sob*

Furthering the showing my work part, I did a video walkthrough of the website starting with the history of the primary photo used, the trip to Montana and Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park upon which the photo was taken, right through the website itself with my usual light hearted commentary :D


Back to the blogging bit - since Wordpress' blog function is now all but unusable, I moved everything over here, where it is much prettier and muuuch easier for anyone to read and for me to post!  Since all of my entries prior to 2019 were lost in my last big website upgrade, there wasn't that much to move, alas :)  So i shall just have to write many new posts!

I have been on a tear recently with quickie phone-cam Show Your Work style videos, with a few longer form vids shot on my good camera - so my website has gone from 'a video every few weeks,' to 'ak, many videos every week!'  Which is good ;)  I'm getting the hang of dashing off semi-daily videos and tossing them up on YouTube and Instagram (and TikTok, though I keep getting copyright strikes over there for reasons I cannot discern, and that are completely random - videos with the same music (which I have legit license to) and the same length will have one struck and the other untouched. Clearly their algorithm has no idea what to do with me LOL!

Here's some of the 'daily quick chat about 'something from Austin Kleon's books' videos.'  Hope you enjoy them!

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Sunday, October 16, 2022

more from Austin Kleon's trilogy

I have to say, no books I have ever come across have done more to inspire me to get to my computer (or my phone camera) and start creating than Austin Kleon's trilogy, 'Steal Like an Artist,' 'Show your work,' and, 'Keep Going.'  Not only do they get me doing my principle work, they've also gotten me into making both short and medium length videos of both phone and good-camera quality, about the books themselves.  I read a quote and talk about what it inspires in me, how it makes me want to create or think about creating.

I've been posting these on both TikTok and Insta, as well as YouTube - I'll embed them here as I go along, as well.  So here's one!  Posting this, and then off to edit the next episode of Dream the Rogue Planet (that would be Episode 7) - woooo!!!

I've also added my photography to, starting to make the website the 'all Ivy Tara Blair creative gallery' I had always intended the site to be: narration, sound production, solo projects, collaboration projects, podcasts, music, photography, and video.  ...whew, when you put it that way, it sounds like a lot :D

So - here's some of my 'Show Your Work' series of informal videos - enjoy!

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