Thursday, July 28, 2022

Dream the Rogue Planet is OUT!

Dream the Rogue Planet is out in the world!

What has Ivy been up to? Welp, putting the first 5 episodes of The Resident Metaphysician’s Dream the Rogue Planet podcast onto all major podcast platforms!

Here insert wild crowd cheering!

….which you will actually hear in episode 3 😀

For Rogue Planet I am the narrator, the sound engineer and producer – all of which fills me with joy! I love soundscaping and foley and music design SO MUCH!

Back when I was a little baby narrator, I loathed editing loathed it SO MUCH. And then the first time I soundscaped a full on radio play type drama, I fell in love. I spent crazy numbers of hours working on pieces, learning how to multitrack, how to time dialog and effects and music. And from then on, editing was a joy – even when it’s just editing straight up narration.

What else is Ivy doing? Well, right now I’m taking a break from narrating books. The publisher I work with had to make financial choices (in this economy that totally makes sense – esp. because they were paying their narrators union rates rather than ripping us off, like some big companies I could name). This is good, because I was going to have to drastically cut back anyway (health issues, long covid and such), and now that the podcast production is picking up steam the timing is perfect 🙂

Other things? Well, it’s damn hot in the rockies right now 😛 I have to get into the recording booth EARLY in the day, or else it becomes a a 4x4x8′ oven! And currently my fan situation is insufficient, so that really doesn’t help matters!

In the hottest part of the day, I’ve been spending faaaar too much time on twitter (latest posts on the left sidebar 😛 a blend of adorable critters, liberal politics & chronic illness research, soothing art, and beautiful photographs.  I hate flames and trolls, so you will find none of those there 🙂  Too much twitter?  Probably, so I take breaks and read voraciously 😀

I’m doggedly working away at videography, I hike with my dog, and I spend time with my kiddos 🙂 I may be dealing with chronic illness that sucks the energy out of me, but I am blessed with support and love and the time to make beautiful art to put out into the world 🙂

Be well, take care of yourself, wear your masks, and I’ll see you next time,


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