Friday, December 10, 2021

Resume, Ho!

 Someone online recently pointed out that it’s a good idea/expected/desperately vital/simply professional [??] to have a concise downloadable/printable resume on one’s site – that to expect anyone interested in you as a professional artist to wander around your [artistic] site to glean the information they need to know, isn’t 1) a good idea or 2) professional. 

This makes sense to me, so I’ve been putting together a concise Ivy resume.  Of course I began by looking for a decent resume template and arrrgh – darn all templates/resume-builders to heck, none of them had anything near as simple as I needed, nor artistic in any way LOL  I ended up just using Libreoffice with columns fer cryin’ out loud!

So here it is – the Ivy downloadable resume, as simple as simple can be LOL!  I do really like it, and since I’m 99% sure to be the only person who really bothers to like or dislike it, that’s fine by me ;D

I ran into something that’s been a PITA since one started to be able to embed text/image tagging into word processors via a front-end nice clean user interface: the stuck tag [the stuuuck taaaaaag arrrgh!].  If one changes formatting enough – as one does, to experiment with new looks – old formatting tags get orphaned all over the code for the document, and you run into things that SHOULD be changeable that aren’t changing!  For example, my tag colors kept reverting to my text color upon export to PDF, though they appeared to be correct in the document itself. 

The solution?  Well, brute force re-enter the data & link over and over in slightly different places, hoping to somehow operate outside the damn dangling tag.  This, of course, guarantees an even messier tag-tastrophy behind the document but with dyslexia, going and digging around in the mass of tags is just Not On.

The other issue I ran into and that I cannot seem to overcome, is that though i have all the links on the resume formatted to open-new-tab, none of them do.  And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in 25 years of tinkering with websites, it is never let/make anyone click off of your site because they are unlikely to come back.  I remember watching this happen in real time (in a program I had installed for an entirely different reason), and realizing this was a cardinal rule.  But alas, if one doesn’t deliberately right-click-open-new-tab the links on my resume, you’ll leave my website.  And while I do that as a matter of course, I don’t think many people do.  I can’t find info on what the problem is (I’m sure it’s out there, I’m just not using good search terms), so I’m letting it be for now.

Ah well:)  I really like the outcome though both visually and for simple, unencumbered data.

It was a whaaaaaat?? moment to line up all the books I have narrated professionally though!  A few!  That’s a nice feeling :)