Sunday, April 18, 2021

if you could ask me to natter on about something…what would it be?

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A few months ago I had the fun task of scaring up a lrg/med diaphragm USB mic that might remotely match my *cough* expensive mics so that there could be a reasonable match of 2 people in 1 audiobook.

I researched the stuffing out of mics in this category, and there were frankly very few that hit the very specific sound of my studio mics (they’re just really specific) in a price range that I would consider a mic I’d ask someone else to pick up, just so we could record together across hundreds of miles.

I finally stumbled upon a mic shoot-out (i’d listened to dozens) that made me sit up in my chair, plaster my ear to my headphones, turn up the volume, and listen 20 times in a row going OMG, THAT’S CLOSE! and advised my friend to pick it up.

So, yk, we can now record on the same project and so THATs nice 😀

But then time passes, and I decide i want to do more informal ‘podcast-y’ type recording – but rather than my ‘Unplugged (but still in my studio) Podcast,’ actually informal enough that I could do it from the comfort of my room (rather than my studio).  What can I say – this podcasting thing makes me want to be in my studio less, rather than more.  (I love my studio!  But it invites capital W work, yk?)

so…i go looking for another copy of that mic (made by a company about 12 years ago that got out of the mic-making biz after a couple years & so thus hard to find) and a little tripod shock-mount stand for it, assuming it’ll take time to track one down…and by george, I FOUND ONE! Right away! Almost unused!

I’m excited 😀 I can record stuff at a quality that won’t give me physical pain, but in a chill way, relaxing on my own loft bed – whee!

I’m so excited about *inexpensive* gear for once!  (god, my ear inclines me to fucking expensive taste and it is both a blessing (wow, nice quality audiobooks Ivy!) and a curse (oh holy hell the price tag is WAT.)



…what’ll I say? gosh…i’m not sure!

Any ideas? would you guys toss out audio questions to me? Would i have to come up with rambly topics of conversation all on my lonesome?  (perish the thought, says the person who can talk. for. ev. er.) I’ll use something like @RiversidedotFM to just make it REALLY LOW-SPOON investment.

But hey! Maybe it’ll be fun?? i don’t know what thoughts? i could vloggify? (i have the camera for it, and riversideFM makes it easy even for the video-noob i gues…)


um…thx for coming to my TED!ramble  😀