Monday, March 13, 2023

Editing episode 7 of Dream the Rogue Planet - a BTS glimpse!


In the midst of editing ep7 our drama podcast Dream the Rogue Planet - written and directed by my brilliant friend, The Resident Metaphysician - this is a simplified screenshot of the complexity (the very tidy, stripped down complexity) I'm accessing for my workflow.  

What's not visible is the about 10 other finder windows containing my efex; original audio files for characters; 3 other audio editing programs I use (Audible, iZotope RX, iZotope Neutron, iZotope Ozone (visible is Studio One 5, where I assemble & edit the multi-track scenes of each act of the podcast); the extensive checklists of notes from my director The Resident Metaphysician in Notion; the firefox tabs to sound efex sites; the studio/mics/MixPre3 upon which all the vocals are recorded for me & 2 cast members; but if I'd put all of that on the screen you'd never be able to see the fun bits :D

You can see how I structure my own self-notes for a file in the episode; how I mark-up/color-code the scripts for easy character line identification and file break-out (my file structure isn't based on act structure, but rather on the efex required for each section so i can maximize the flow of each of those efex sections from one file to the next); how each file is represented in alternating sequence so that I can flow one into the next; and what my file structure is for how each episode's data is stored all in one place.

It's taken me quite awhile to figure out streamlining all of this data to both be easily accessible as well as organized to be easy to find, as well as corresponding across multiple programs and storage locations.  The more streamlined all of this is, the faster I can create the whole of the podcast, and the more likely i am to have consistent efex/voice qualities/and overall feel to each episode :)

Also?  What used to be stressful as fuck is now SUPER FUN, what used to take months now takes days, and i can get lost in creating a realistic/hyper-realistic episode of story that all you listeners can get lost in when you listen.

As my son (playing the character, Zaro) put it the other day after listening to the first 5 episodes in sequence, "I have discovered that this is not a podcast i can fall asleep to."  :D  lololol  

eeeeeexcelllenttttt - our evil plan is being realized  >:D

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