Thursday, October 20, 2022

massive website tidying and video thereof!

In the spirit of Show Your Work (my theme of the quarter, it seems!), I have done a long overdue reorg. of my website, connecting my photography site, migrating my blog over here to Blogger (omg, even though my enter website is built on Wordpress (the worst CMS ever, but the only one provided for free by my hosting company), Wordpresses original function - A BLOG - is now dreadful and a pain to use *sob*

Furthering the showing my work part, I did a video walkthrough of the website starting with the history of the primary photo used, the trip to Montana and Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park upon which the photo was taken, right through the website itself with my usual light hearted commentary :D


Back to the blogging bit - since Wordpress' blog function is now all but unusable, I moved everything over here, where it is much prettier and muuuch easier for anyone to read and for me to post!  Since all of my entries prior to 2019 were lost in my last big website upgrade, there wasn't that much to move, alas :)  So i shall just have to write many new posts!

I have been on a tear recently with quickie phone-cam Show Your Work style videos, with a few longer form vids shot on my good camera - so my website has gone from 'a video every few weeks,' to 'ak, many videos every week!'  Which is good ;)  I'm getting the hang of dashing off semi-daily videos and tossing them up on YouTube and Instagram (and TikTok, though I keep getting copyright strikes over there for reasons I cannot discern, and that are completely random - videos with the same music (which I have legit license to) and the same length will have one struck and the other untouched. Clearly their algorithm has no idea what to do with me LOL!

Here's some of the 'daily quick chat about 'something from Austin Kleon's books' videos.'  Hope you enjoy them!

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