Sunday, October 16, 2022

more from Austin Kleon's trilogy

I have to say, no books I have ever come across have done more to inspire me to get to my computer (or my phone camera) and start creating than Austin Kleon's trilogy, 'Steal Like an Artist,' 'Show your work,' and, 'Keep Going.'  Not only do they get me doing my principle work, they've also gotten me into making both short and medium length videos of both phone and good-camera quality, about the books themselves.  I read a quote and talk about what it inspires in me, how it makes me want to create or think about creating.

I've been posting these on both TikTok and Insta, as well as YouTube - I'll embed them here as I go along, as well.  So here's one!  Posting this, and then off to edit the next episode of Dream the Rogue Planet (that would be Episode 7) - woooo!!!

I've also added my photography to, starting to make the website the 'all Ivy Tara Blair creative gallery' I had always intended the site to be: narration, sound production, solo projects, collaboration projects, podcasts, music, photography, and video.  ...whew, when you put it that way, it sounds like a lot :D

So - here's some of my 'Show Your Work' series of informal videos - enjoy!

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