Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Down-ballot vote thoughts :D (Vote! vote vote vote vote Vote!! )

Well folks, today is a HUGE DAY - midterm elections in the US, and by gum we have a ton of really deadly serious issues hanging on this one.

Vote!  Votes do count!  And they count in ways you might not have considered!

You may feel hopeless or powerless about the big elections, but the people who might effect your life more are the much more local elections - and you have A TON of power there!  

The down-ballot elections count on EVERY VOTE - and remember, those who win small elections will be aiming for bigger more powerful positions later!  If you help a local small election, that person who you help win may well be up for senator in just a few years!  So you are voting in (OR OUT) the people who will be representatives or senators or presidents in the future.

So your votes count.  they do count.  they count a lot - the future is decided now.

Complexly's (Hank & John Green) excellent channel 'How to Vote in Every State' has a ton to offer EVEN TODAY, ON VOTING DAY!  

Here's 8-years-ago Hank (omg, baby!hank) with some REALLY GOOD INSIGHTS about why to why [not not] to vote lololol  STILL UTTERLY RELEVANT!!

He hits - and answers!:
Don't wanna get jury duty
Lesser of Two Evils
I don't know how to vote
Am I registered?
I'm not registered
I just don't care...?
Elections are controlled by the rich
I physically can't vote
Politics is eating my soul
the US is not even a democracy
My vote won't matter

annnd here's Hank from this year, talking about focusing more on the smaller down-ballot elections, and how he's decided to focus on local elections!  Our community!

Just spent half an hour with youngest filling out our ballots, and talking about all of these things :)  Voting for our local peeps, we considered how each of those people could go on to be senators or governors or presidents and how amazing that is!  We are starting someone awesome on the trail to representing us at an ever more powerful level!


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