Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Creative Update!


What ever shall I say today?
Well, here’s the current state of Creative Things Going on:
  1. I have finished the audiobook for C.W. Allen’s The Secret Benefits of Invisibility (sequel to Relatively Normal Secrets, which is getting awards all over the place). Thoroughly enjoyed narrating this book. It’s a fast read (meaning it comes easily from text to mouth, not that it has no depth), there are some characters I can seriously ham up, and I feel really good about offering the author and publisher the audio on simple royalty split (the publisher cannot pay narrators up front this year, but i want to do this trilogy so I am).
  2. I have made my first five [FIVE] videos for the Jewelwing channel, and I’m having a blast. Editing video is like editing audio, but with even more bits to play with. I can see that while i’ll continue to do a rather standard YouTube ‘talking head’ video set (i have rather a lot to say, as anyone who knows me knows…), I’m definitely going to branch out into short film shot in a similar artistic and emotional esthetic as my still photography. This pleases me greatly :)
And most principally: Res and I have released episodes 1-5 of Dream the Rogue Planet, and i am insanely excited about it!! What we create together is the heart and soul of my creative life, and I couldn’t be more proud of the first half of Season 1 of this incredible story told in a lush, soundscaped, acted, meticulously produced way.

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